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Common Administrative Review Mistakes

Common Admin Review Findings

We know many of you are currently in the midst of preparing for your administrative review, so we shared some common mistakes to avoid below. If you know you have an admin review this year or next and need any assistance prepping for it, please feel free to reach out - we are here to help!

1. Certification and Benefit Issuance:

  • Incorrect number in household used to make determination.

  • Approval without a complete Meal Benefit Application.

  • Not all income included in determination.

  • Incorrect or missing information in the approval/denial letter.

2. Verification:

  • Incorrect sample size.

  • Using net income instead of gross income to verify documentation.

  • Not getting enough information from the household to support information reported on the Meal benefit Application.

  • Not increasing benefits or decreasing benefits within the appropriate time frame.

  • Not saving all communications with the households.

3. Meal Counting and Claiming:

  • Non-reimbursable meals counted as reimbursable at the POS.

  • Incorrect consolidation of meal counts when using paper rosters.

4. Meal Components and Quantities:

  • Insufficient vegetable sub-groups.

  • Insufficient meat/meat-alternates and grains.

5. Civil Rights:

  • No Civil Rights Training.

  • No Civil Rights Complaint Procedures specific to food service.

6. On-Site Monitoring:

  • Not completed or not completed in a comprehensive manner.

7. Local School Wellness Policy:

  • Not updated.

  • Does not include all requirements.

8. Smart Snacks:

  • Do not meet nutrition requirements for Smart Snacks.

9. Professional Standards:

  • Not being tracked for District/School personnel.

  • Insufficient training hours for District/School personnel.

10. Food Safety, Storage, and Buy American:

  • Food Safety Inspection not posted in an area easily accessible to the public.

  • No documentation for foods purchased outside of the Buy American Provision.

11. School Breakfast and Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) Outreach:

  • No promotion of the SFSP.

12. Afterschool Snack Program:

  • Counts of only reimbursable snack not being kept at the POS.

13. Resource Management:

  • Non-program revenue tool not completed.

  • District/School business staff not providing enough oversight to deposits done by food service management company.

At School Food and Wellness Group, we support nutrition education and serving students delicious and nutritious meals. Contact us today to see how we can help you take your meal program to the next level!

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