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Back to School - Compliance Matters

2019-2020 is now well under way! We have schools who started August 1st and some who started after Labor Day (lucky ducks to those teachers, not so much those parents!).

We put together the below quick checklist for schools to use in making sure they are starting off on the right foot in National School Lunch Compliance world!

  • Some states require you post an annual media release - be sure to check with your State Agency and see if this is a requirement, and if so, that you have the correct language.

  • Did you update all your forms to the 2019-20 templates? Annual parent letter, meal applications, etc?

  • All policies and procedures should get a review and an update.

  • Any negative student balances should be cleared out beginning July 1 so that all accounts are starting either positive or at zero.

  • Now is the time to map out and schedule your Wellness Committee Meeting, and make sure the most recent School Wellness Policy is posted to your website.

  • If you collect student payments for meals, don't delay on getting out your first invoices. This often can uncover meal application issues.

  • Do you have a vendor who provides meals? Check your invoices to ensure you are being invoiced at the correct rate per meal, according to your 19-20 contract.

  • Are you a self-op kitchen? Your cycle menus should be complete at this point, and entree items tweaked for student appeal. Keep an organized recipe and CN label binder in your kitchen, along with all proper temperature logs and food safety compliance.

  • All after school snack program monitoring must be completed within the first four weeks of school. If you participate in CACFP/Supper, be sure you monitor the program in the first weeks of operation, and document, document, document!

This is a relatively small list of the items that should be on your radar during the first few operating months of school. We hope your year has gotten off to a healthy start!

Contact us if you are ever in need of compliance support.

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