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No child should go hungry.
Every child deserves healthy, nutritious meals.

School Food and Wellness Group is a full-service child nutrition consulting firm aimed at providing comprehensive professional services for both the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and Afterschool (Supper) Program. SFW Group currently partners with over 300 schools across the U.S., ensuring over 100,000 students receive healthy meals on a daily basis. We have all of the tools necessary to support school districts, single and multi-site charters, charter management organizations (CMOs), private schools, and after-school non-profit programs. 


SFW Group’s dedication to bridging the gap between schools and state agencies has resulted in a positive track record among the various industry groups. Our team of consultants have extensive knowledge of procedures and best practices, and attend state and USDA training seminars on a routine basis.  As a result, we have helped our clients successfully complete state administrative reviews since 2014 without discovering any significant financial deficiencies. SFW Group is a goal-oriented organization aimed at delivering professional service, developing and sustaining business relationships, and investing in our clients' futures. 

Get the Facts...

We are a group of dedicated individuals who each have a background and passion in education and nutrition. 

Our main office is located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where all the compliance magic happens. 

The team is also spread out across the U.S. in California, Chicago, Indiana, North Carolina and New York. 

By working with us, you are working with former State Nutrition Auditors, School Food Service Directors, Food Service Management Company Directors, School Business Managers, Chefs, Dietitians, Financial Business Director, but most importantly: mothers, fathers, grandmother, triathletes, Ironman champions, food bloggers, non-profit founders, gardeners, self-proclaimed chefs, self-proclaimed professional snowboarders, a craft beer connoisseur, a previous high school varsity football-baseball-soccer jock (and overly proud of it), and many animal lovers. We are a group of passion filled, school food advocates. Welcome!

Meet The Team

Emily Chatelain, MBA
Founder & CEO


Justin Chatelain, MBA
Director of Business



Clare Keating, MBA, SNA
Regional Program Director   



Debbie Marks, M.Ed.
Client Manager


Shannon Norwood
Director of Compliance 


Fatima Headshot.jpeg

Fatima Malik
Client Manager 


Jerry Photo.jpg

Jerry Cervantes
Director of Strategic Planning


Jenna Headshot.JPG

Jenna Foster
Client Manager 



Melanie Romano
Client Manager 


Bio Pic.jpg

Erin Joyce
Client Manager


Joey Arvin
Special Projects Manager

- our success -

By the Numbers


$80 million

in Federal FUnds



Saved Schools


in venDor Billing Errors



earned Schools




Client retention rate

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