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World Health Day 2016

"In 2014, 422 million adults (or 8.5% of the population) had diabetes, compared with 108 million (4.7%) in 1980. "

Now more than ever, we need to be educating our youth about the importance of healthy eating and exercise to prevent type 2 diabetes. This is our responsibility as adults, to create a better life for our kids. Policies need to be changed across national governments, to allow for better access to health and medicine. Often times we feel pretty insignificant, since we cannot make that change as an individual. What we CAN do, is promote healthy lifestyles within our own communities. We can spread awareness of the risk of diabetes. We can teach our kids what "healthy" means, and why it is important to make the right choices about what goes into our bodies. We can get outside and MOVE! We all have a part to play, and together we can make a difference - always.

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