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National School Lunch Week is October 15-19!

National School Lunch Week (NSLW) began in 1962 and is a week long celebration filled with events and activities designed to promote and celebrate the benefits of the National School Lunch Program. NSLW is an opportunity to highlight the successes of your school lunch program and encourage your students, families and teachers to join in on that celebration! Bringing awareness to such an important program can occur all year long, but NSLW provides us the opportunity to highlight our hard work.

This year’s NSLW is October 15-19 and the theme is School Lunch: Lots 2 Love. The purpose of this theme in particular is to bring together your stakeholders and give everyone an opportunity to share what they love about your school lunch program. may sound like a lot of work to put together some ideas for NSLW, so the School Nutrition Association provides free marketing materials and resources each year that go along with the theme. Whether you want to post a message on social media, give out certificates of appreciation or give students themed activity sheets, you can find these resources and much more on their website at:

The California Department of Education also provides some ideas for promoting NSLW:

  • Use the promotional theme from the School Nutrition Association (SNA) and promote to all students, administrators, and parents through media communications (radio, social media, etc.)

  • Post flyers in school offices and announcements on your school web page

  • Decorate the school and cafeteria with special banners and balloons

  • Offer cafeteria tastings, themed meals, and special menus during the week

  • Feature special local produce at all sites for the week

  • Coordinate special events during lunch time—including awards, music and activities for students. For example, coloring contests, lucky tray day, and dress up day

  • Organize a visit from the school mascot during lunch

  • Encourage staff to wear special t-shirts or aprons or dress in a theme

  • Recognize cafeteria staff by providing certificates of appreciation

  • Coordinate with teachers to have students make signs and write letters to the cafeteria staff

  • Involve teachers and administrators by asking them to serve student meals. Request a letter from the superintendent or assistant superintendent thanking all nutrition staff

Here at School Food and Wellness Group, we love school lunch and appreciate all of the hard work our clients put in to their lunch programs to make their scholars happy and healthy!

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