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Self Prep Kitchen Management Support

We have been cooking up some new projects here at SFWG for the past year. We are thrilled to share the launch of our new Self-Prep Consulting Service that aims to empower schools to bring their meal program in-house and elevate the student experience. Our consulting service offers a comprehensive solution designed to enhance the culinary experience, promote healthy eating habits, and bring back control of the meal program to knowledgeable and capable staff. Our Special Projects team has actively been working with several clients over the past twelve months on making the transition, with our first client launching this week in Atlanta!

We Support Schools Every Step of the Way

We understand the challenges SFAs face in providing nutritious, delicious, and meals cooked-onsite to their school communities. Our Self-Prep Consulting Service is a unique program that aims to bridge this gap by offering tailored support in several areas, including:

  1. Menu Development: Our experienced chef and team of dietitians work closely with schools to create menus that balance regional preferences, taste, nutrition, and seasonal variety. Throughout the procurement process, we help schools prioritize regional co-ops and locally sourced products whenever possible, ensuring that meals are not only satisfying and appetizing, but also cost effective.

  2. Staff Culinary Training: We recognize the importance of skilled kitchen staff to produce high-quality meals and with our support, we provide comprehensive culinary training to school kitchen staff to empower them with new techniques, culinary knowledge, and efficiency skills. This collaborative training enhances their confidence and time management, with the ultimate goal of creating a sense of pride in their work as they become crucial supporters of creating a memorable dining experience for students.

  3. Kitchen Space Design: We know that equipment and space constraints are the biggest pain points for schools looking to transition to onsite prep. Our team collaborates with schools to optimize their kitchen space, ensuring it meets local health department codes and is equipped with the necessary equipment and smallwares to run the program efficiently. Our goal is to help schools create inviting kitchen layouts, allowing for easy meal preparation, thereby increasing staff productivity, and reducing the wait times for hungry students!

  4. Marketing the Program: When transitioning to self-op, it is important to create a buzz and gather buy-in from stakeholders ahead of launch. We provide schools with creative tools and templates to implement marketing strategies that promote the program to students, staff, and parents alike. By providing turn-key marketing collateral, schools can promote the program effectively as they work to increase student participation.

The First Day of Launch

Our onsite training and support was met with great enthusiasm and anticipation from the staff at Drew Charter School, in Atlanta, Georgia - a charter school known for its commitment to Child Nutrition. Throughout our week spent together on site, our team conducted customized training with school officials and kitchen staff to understand the basics of compliance and discuss their culinary needs and upcoming goals. The highlight of the week was the culinary training session Chef Joey conducted with the school's kitchen team. Chef Joey demonstrated efficient cooking techniques, shared nutrition tips, and encouraged hands-on practice to build confidence. The enthusiasm of the staff was great, and they embraced the challenge of transitioning the program from a Food Service Management Company to Self-Operating.

Looking Ahead

Our Self-Prep Consulting team is currently working with an additional five schools across the US to bring the meal program in-house this school year. If you are a school looking to enhance your meal program or wish to learn more about how we can help you transition to Self-Prep, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at!


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