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Promote your Meal Program

Have you checked out No Kid Hungry's new School Food Marketing Kit? Click here!

We know that schools across the US are having to pivot and serve in unusual platforms during the ongoing COVID-19. Some schools are still 100% virtual and serving grab and go or home delivery; some schools are hybrid with kids eating in school and at home. What this has translated to - limited access to healthy meals and declining participation in school meal programs.

Now is the time to try every avenue you have to reach your families. Let them know where, when and how they can access meals for their kids - and remind them EVERY week. NKH toolkit has crafted social media posts, graphics, templates and many more helpful items to make this easy on your team. Become active with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and direct emails or newsletters to your parents.

By increasing your program participation, you will help the overall financial health of your program but more importantly - make sure your kids are being fed so they can LEARN!

Get cracking and start making your posts ASAP, we can't wait to see how creative you can be!


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