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Study Finds More Healthy Foods are Being Served in School Lunches

Success! A recent study shows that kids are being served healthier lunches. After many, many changes by USDA, it looks like the "Healthy Hunger Free Act" just may be paying off. We have personally seen a trend towards fresh salad bars, multiple fruit options, and increased vegetables in our partner schools. There is nothing we love more than seeing kids exposed to healthy items in their cafeterias.

There is still a LONG way to go to get healthy meals and healthy choices into EVERY school. Changing kids eating habits needs to happen within their school. We can collectively do this by sharing best practices, and figuring out how to get closer to the goal of healthy food for ALL. This is all #forthekids. Contact us now to find out how we can help YOUR school partner with a healthy vendor to provide these meals for your students.

Read more about the study here

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