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As a dedicated school lunch supplier, we have been providing meals to students in Los Angeles since 2007. Unity Meals provides fresh and healthy breakfast, lunch, snack and supper to charter schools in Los Angeles. Over the past 15 years as a school food distributor, we have perfected the art of delivering delicious meals to our customers at an incredible value. We believe that a well-balanced and nutritious meal improves a child’s capacity to learn, grow, and succeed. It’s why we place great value on using high-quality ingredients. Our food is thoughtfully sourced and includes a variety of locally grown seasonal produce, grains and proteins. We are proud to have served over 8,000,000 meals to students at schools in Los Angeles since our inception.

Our programs are designed to meet SBP, NSLP, CACFP, SSO & SFSP and other program requirements and are customized to meet your school’s meal program needs.

Quick Facts

Location: California

Services: Vended Meals, FSMC

Programs: NSLP, CACFP, SFSP, Private School Caterings, DoD Fresh Produce

Meal Type: Vended, Family Style


“You’re amazing, thank you so much. OUR KIDS LOVE YOUR FOOD. There has been an increase and had a few kids return for seconds. This has never happened before. Thank you to your chefs and staff… so very lucky to have known of your company and grateful for our partnership.” 


- Academia Advance


Michelle Reitzin

VP Sales & Marketing

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