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Founded in 2002, SLA Management provides complete school foodservice management, specializing in K–12 Charter Schools who do or would like to participate in the National School Lunch Program. Our boutique-style approach allows us to partner with our schools to create individually tailored programs meeting the needs and goals of the schools we serve. Our team is comprised of talented, dedicated food service professionals who have a passion for what they do.


SLA is a family, with team members who truly care. We know that the meals students eat at school are sometimes their best or only nutrition of the day. We want to enhance the important educational program you provide by fueling students with the nutrition they need to do their best.


We love what we do. We believe it is important.

Quick Facts

Location: Currently: FL, GA, NC, AL, LA, MS, TN, TX, NV, MA, CT, RI, NY, CO. Opening Into Soon: CA, AZ, AR, NJ, IL, OH.

Services: FSMC


Meal Type: Onsite Prep, Unitized Meals Onsite


Brian Albertson

President, CEO, & Founder


“Our kids used to play with the food, throwing peas and carrots all over the floor. Now, they love the food so much, we reward good behavior with a pass to the front of the serving line.”

— Kristen Takara, Assistant Principal, Charter Schools USA - Magnolia School


"SLA has been a game changer for our food service. For the first time in a long time, our kitchens are being used to cook and not heat up frozen and shipped meals. Students love the variety of the fresh food and the Directors of Operations appreciate the clear and quick communication from the team. SLA is truly a part of our school community. P.S.—The Thanksgiving lunch is second to none.”

— Robert Jones II, Director of School Operations, KIPP Memphis

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