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To participate in the National School Lunch Program, you must first apply to become a School Food Authority (SFA) within your state. As a SFA, you are eligible to receive federal meal reimbursements, and are responsible for ensuring all program requirements are met.  

SFA Application - What We Do:

  • Manage the application process with the state from start to finish

  • Create compliant policies and procedures to fit your school model

  • Train school ops staff on all program requirements

  • Set up the online child nutrition program profile

  • Coordinate the menu certification packet submission with the vendor

SFA Management - What We Do:

  • Train all staff on NSLP regulations

  • Process Free and Reduced Meal Applications

  • Ensure Point of Sale records are accurate

  • Send determination letters to households

  • Manage the meal application verification process

  • Review and prepare data for monthly reimbursement claims

  • Monitor programs for compliance

  • Monitor vendor performance and paperwork

  • Apply for the Community Eligibility Program (CEP)

Do you have an Administrative Review this year or next?

  • We will perform an internal audit to ensure your program is compliant and operating within regulations

Why let us manage your School Food Authority?


Experience. We are subject-matter experts on food service programs. We have determined best practices for monitoring and managing foodservice programs from our work with schools across the country, and we are well-versed in regulations and foodservice laws. We will ensure your school adheres to all program requirements while maximizing the quality of healthy food options.

Financial Success. We review all claims and paperwork submitted to your state agency and work with state departments to ensure compliance reporting. We also provide an additional layer of protection against missing a reimbursement or being overcharged on vendor invoices.

Staff Training. We prepare your School Food Administration for long-term success. Our implementation process accounts for turnover, so there will be no need to retrain staff.

Audit Support. Our staff has a successful track record of completing state and USDA audits, which are becoming more detailed and time-consuming.

Problem Solving. If you run into any problems, we have likely handled those same exact problems for other clients.

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