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To provide a nutritious, delicious, fresh, economical, educational and environmentally sustainable lunch program. We strive to source all produce and ingredients from sustainable family farms within a 250 mile radius.


We believe food should be:​


- Fresh: Food should come from farm to school, not the factory to school.​

- Educational: Teaching children where their food comes from.​

- Sustainable: Teaching children the choices they make effects the environment, including how we source food and the use of sustainable packaging.​

- Culturally Diverse: Food should foster a sense of community and embody many cultures.​

- Healthy: Food should be Real – Free of chemicals, hormones and pesticides.

Quick Facts

Location: National

Services: Vended Meals, FSMC


Meal Type: Scratch cooking onsite prep, Vended, Family Style


My child was a fussy eater until he experienced My Green Lunch's hot food their diverse menu is very good with many choices daily. ~Parent From St. Andrews School


The best school Macaroni and cheese my child has ever eaten. ~ Basis Independent Silicon Valley Parent


My Green Lunch Salads are to die for their house made honey mustard dressing on their Crispy Honey Mustard Salad is my favorite. its always exciting to see it on their menu.~ Staff at Campbell Christian School


Todd Evjenth

Founder & CEO

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