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Gourmet Gorilla is a school foodservice company that utilizes local and sustainable ingredients to provide healthier meal options. We call in the experts to ensure our menus are the best. Our meals are developed by chefs, nutritionists and dietitians with input from kids, parents and educators. Our high-quality meals consist of a diverse menu of lunches, breakfasts, snacks and suppers that help nourish the mind and body, preparing students to learn and thrive.

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Quick Facts

Location: IL, WI

Services: Vended Meals, FSMC

Programs: NSLP, CACFP, FFVP, SFSP, Private School Caterings

Meal Type: Scratch cooking onsite prep, Vended, Family Style


"Throughout our partnership, [Gourmet Gorilla] has been incredibly supportive and responsive. The food that is served is consistently high quality and they regularly solicit feedback from students about their likes and dislikes. They gather serving data to see what food items are popular and adjust their menus when something is consistently unpopular."


"As a parent as well as a school leader I am incredibly pleased with our Gourmet Gorilla partnership. There is something to be said when my 6th grader consistently chooses school lunch over a homemade one."


"Hello! Thank you for all you do. We’re so happy with the school’s decision to switch to Gourmet Gorilla. It’s much healthier and my child enjoys it more."


Danielle Hrzic

Co-Founder & CEO

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