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Genuine Foods is a leading national purpose-driven foodservice company seeking to bring much needed radical change to the foodservice experience, especially in communities where poverty, obesity, and health disparities are prevalent.


We deliver delicious, scratch-made foods using fresh, vibrant ingredients, an innovative people-focused team, and a deep commitment to reliability and integrity to K-12 schools, colleges and universities, senior living and healthcare facilities, and specialty venues across the country.


Food service management is what we do, but what we create together with our customers, our partners, and our dedicated team members goes far beyond the plate.

Genuine Foods was founded in 2015 by Jeff Mills, the longtime Director of Food & Nutrition Services for Washington D.C. Public Schools. Our team seeks to bring a radical, nationwide change to how foodservice looks — all at a refreshingly competitive price — especially in communities where poverty, obesity and health issues are prevalent.

Quick Facts

Location: National

Services: Vended Meals, FSMC


Meal Type: Scratch cooking onsite prep, Vended, Family Style


Genuine Foods has been a game changer for us this school year. Our students and stakeholders are thrilled by the quality of meals, professionalism of Genuine Foods staff, and the level of service we receive. The pallets of our students have been exposed to new tastes through the diversity of our menu and we have seen our food waste decrease drastically. Without hesitation, I highly recommend Genuine Foods to all of my fellow charter and district leaders!


- Chris Jones Head Administrator Albuquerque Bilingual Academy

Dear Genuine Foods, Today, I'd like to publicly celebrate all your hard work for making sure our students are well fed with locally handmade and nutritious food. There have been lots of challenges and you have faced them head on and made positive strides. I want you to know we see these efforts paying off. Good food is a universal game changer and you have made a significant contribution to the culture of our schools. There are lots of things to worry about right now but food in school is not one of them. Last week I was visiting classrooms in Fletcher and students were having waffles for breakfast. They were so excited! More than most mornings. I asked a third grader what they liked most about breakfast at school and she replied "breakfast is always yummy! Pretty much sums it all up. They say you eat with your eyes first. Today, while I was visiting GEMS, this sign caught my eye. I wanted to stay for lunch just because I was suddenly hungry. While I was walking around watching students enjoy their lunches I asked a student how the food was? I apparently timed my question as he was chewing but I received two enthusiastic thumbs up! I'll take that as a victory. At BFA I was impressed by the choices students had. There was a sandwich station, salad bar, pizza and pasta. I had the opportunity to join the 5th grade lunch. I saw two boys sitting quietly eating so I decided to say hello. I asked how their day was going and they said "can't talk, eating pizza." #Pizzaforthewin. I am grateful for your leadership, service with a smile, and genuine (pun intended) care for the students and staff in FWSU. You provide so much more than just food.


- With tremendous appreciation, Scott Thompson Director of Curriculum of Franklin West Supervisory


Mike Monteiro

Senior Vice President, Partnerships

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