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Riviera Hospitality Group, established in 1895 in Coney Island, Brooklyn, is one of the oldest, most successful and innovative food service companies in America. Established as a high-end restaurant and catering group, our Women-owned, family-run business is now focused on changing the culinary experience in our schools and are proud to introduce to you today, EATS!

EATS meal prep boxes for K-12! Our meal prep boxes are available in 38/40 portion packs, complete with simple to use written instructions. Each fresh frozen box contains 3-5 components, simple onsite reheating instructions, as well as an option to include a compostable bowl to compliment your service. Your team simply follows the easy-to-read instructions and voila! Your students are served a delicious, nutritious and balanced EATS meal.

Quick Facts

Location: New York. Can ship nationwide.

Services: Vended


Meal Type: Unitized, vended family-style, vended center-of-the-plate meals

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