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FeedWells is a team of culinary, nutrition, and health experts in Memphis, TN. To address the food insecurity that affects many American households and children, FeedWells provides menu options that promote life, energy, and happiness, regardless of school zone. They are passionate about redefining healthy eating and ensuring equal access for underserved children, using a student-inspired menu to enhance classroom performance and well-being. Their core values are integrity, customer service, education, and quality. Their most recent results show that the student participation rate at their schools increased from 30% to 100% in the first two weeks.

Quick Facts

Location: Tennessee

Services: FSMC


Meal Type: Onsite Meals and Prepackaged Meals

Welcome to FeedWells


"This is the first time I have ever eaten lunch at school every day!" - Student Testimonial

"This year's food is better than any school that I have ever been to." - Student Testimonial

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