school food

and wellness group

We simplify the National School Lunch Program.

Healthy meals can improve your students’...

test scores

health problems


class participation

and behavior issues.

...but implementing meal programs can be challenging. 

We recognize the challenges school administrators face – a limited budget and a small staff, to name a few. Managing the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and the Child and Adult Food Care Program (CACFP) shouldn’t be another burden. We help administer these programs and find healthy, affordable vendors to serve your students meals they will enjoy. 


School Food and Wellness Group helps school administrators focus on what they do best: educating and helping to raise our nation’s children. Our clients include single and multi-site charter schools, charter management organizations, private schools and after-school programs.

Our Services

Become a School Food Authority. This is the first step to participate in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP). We will walk you through applying with the State Agency and submit all required forms.

Manage Your School Food Authority. We can manage all administrative tasks for NSLP or CACFP, including training staff, monitoring for compliance, managing the verification process, processing lunch applications, and review monthly reimbursement claims.

Become an after school Supper Meal Sponsor. We will help your organization become a supper meal sponsor in the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP). Through CACFP, you can serve a nutritious meal to all students after the school day has ended.


Securing a Food Vendor. We can manage the federally required procurement process to obtain a food vendor to serve healthy, compliant meals.

School Wellness Policy. We can assist with creating and assessing your School Wellness Policy.

Administrative Review. We can audit your program in advance and provide support during your State Administrative Review.

menu development. We can help you write and create a NSLP or CACFP compliant menu for your K-12 school: recipe development, cycle menus, salad bar implementation and more. Our team of registered dietitians can work with your nutrition team to create, update or simple review your current menu for compliance. 

How It Works

Every school has a different model when it comes to facility, logistics and space. We partner with all varieties of schools, and can help find the best way to set up a successful meal program through conducting a Request for Proposal for meal service. 


No kitchen? No problem! There are many food vendors who offer a pre-packaged, cooked off-site meal service for schools with no kitchen facilities. The meals come perfectly portioned, HOT and ready to serve. 


Have space for equipment but no kitchen? Problem solved. We assist schools with purchasing proper refrigeration, re-therm ovens, warming cabinets and hand sinks to be able to receive cold food and cook it to a safe temperature. 


Have kitchen, need cooks? At your service. We help schools find the perfect Food Service Management Company to bring their healthy, compliant recipes, food and employees to your kitchen. We say, leave it to the experts when it comes to food.