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SFWG walked us through the RFP process and made it seem easy. We do not have the experience on our small team to understand all of the CDE requirements for this process, so working with SFWG allowed us to focus on other things that were essential to supporting our schools. We ended up with a great vendor and zero headaches. We were also flagged for a CDE audit of our nutrition program this year. SFWG has worked alongside us to prepare all documentation required, did a pre-audit visit to scrub through our lunch applications and SFA binder and walked through our site. They have shared with us valuable resources for training and preparing for the audit. Mid year, we lost our Director of Operations (aka our school food authority) a few months before our state audit. Without SFWG, our team could not have adequately prepared for the audit or felt confident that we were holding our nutrition program to the highest standards that our students deserve. SFWG made all the difference for us!

Katie Hart, Ednovate

SFWG alleviated so much of the stress that comes with operating a School Food Authority. From helping us sail through our annual audit to ensuring our food service provider remained in compliance with National School Lunch Program regulations, working with SFWG allowed my team to focus its efforts on other aspects of our school's programming. I would highly recommend SFWG to any school that wants to offer high quality, nutritious food to its students with little or no stress.

Palmer Smith, New York City Charter School for the Arts

SFWG has ensured we are in compliance in all aspects of our food program. Emily was amazing when we applied to add four new RAs to the SFA and do the CEP application at the same time. Her calm presence was also wonderful during an otherwise stressful time. We knew we were in good hands due to her deep content knowledge and her ability to manage these two large pieces for us with a high level of professionalism. All of my schools, myself included, really enjoy her presence and are in awe of just how well she knows her stuff!

Genevieve de Gaillande, Ascend Learning

SFWG has been great! Their professionalism and expediency in addressing our questions and needs has made our implementation of the National School Lunch Program as seamless as possible. We had a few challenges in establishing our certification for providing the school lunch program, yet SFWG guided and assisted us every step of the way and was quick to provide us the support we needed.

Jason Watts, Scholarship Prep Charter School

SFWG has been invaluable in our transition to an independent school food authority. We would never have been able to do it without their expertise. We had some challenges with the initial application process and bidding, which was bureaucratic red tape we did not have the capacity to deal with. SFWG took that burden off our plate. Emily also helped us with selecting a vendor based on her knowledge of the industry and our specific kitchen capacity needs.

Bill Holmes, Global Community Charter School

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School Food and Wellness Group is the country’s leading school meal consultant dedicated to helping all students live healthier lives. We believe that good nutrition is a critical part of overall wellness. As such, we believe this can be accomplished by assisting schools to participate in the National School Lunch Program. As part of our efforts and dedication to bring healthy food to at-risk students, we invite charter schools and other entities to join us as partners.


The partnerships formed between schools will advance the mission and cause to enable our communities to be better equipped and proactive in their overall health and wellness.

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